If you have come this far of a website you surely are eager to know more about how we do what we do. More than any skill its the passion which has driven us so far. We invite the landowners to associate with us and give us an opportunity to affectively utilise your property towards community oriented commercial farming model. 


1- Better Price.
Homesteads is in a business of promoting community supported agriculture and we work directly with the end customers. Hence, by being part of our initiative, Landlord would be able to get a better price for their land sale.

2- No Legal Hassels.
Land transfers happen directly from Landlord to the end customer. Hence, No legal complications between Buyers & Sellers, No Middle men, No Brokers, No Tokens..Just the direct transfer to the end buyer.

3- Deal with Professionals.
Homesteads is basically a community oriented setup of Employees & Professionals and we deal with the transaction professionally. No hassle for the Landlord of to the Community member.

4- Let your Property be used for farming.
By partnering with us towards the community farming initiative, Landlord can rest assure that there property would continue to be used productively. It won't be a case where a real estate person or an investor will buy the land and keep it ideal till it turns barren.

If you’d like to know more about Homesteads, Contract Farming or
our investment opportunities, please connect with our friendly team. 

+ (91) 965 222 3860